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These electrodes may have a rutile or basic coating. Basic coated ones are only used
with DC (+). These electrodes have various types since they are used for welding
martensitic, ferritic, austenitic, and corrosion-resistant steels which compositions differ
from each other.

Stainless steel electrodes are classified in AWS A5.4, DIN 8556 and EN 1600. Symbols
indicate the composition of the weld metal. To prevent the formation of chromium
carbides in the weld zone, these electrodes could be stabilized with a niobium addition.
Some of the electrodes used in welding stainless and corrosion-resistant steels have
a fully alloyed core wire, others could have alloying supplements coming from the coating.
Where the majority of alloying elements come from the coating, the electrodes are
called "synthetic".

When selecting stainless steel welding electrodes, the composition of the base metal,
the ambient properties and temperatures, and the mechanical stresses should be accounted for.

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