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Rutile Electrodes

In this type, about 35% in weight of the coating is titanium dioxide (TiO2) facilitates arc ignition,
makes it possible to work with a soft arc and reduces spatter.

This electrode type is used for general purposes where good welding properties are required.
This is the universal electrode which may perform welding in every position, using AC or DC current.

The main properties of rutile type electrodes are as follows:

- Suitable mechanical properties of weld metal,
- Weld beam profile with good appearance due to slag properties,
- Ability to perform welding in all position,
- Easy slag removal

Rutile electrodes can have different coating thick nesses.
The molten weld metal is carried into the work piece through the arc in the form of drops that become thinner as the coating becomes thick;
the coating thickness positively affects the mechanical properties of the weld.
This type of coating forms a fast-freezing slag that completely covers the weld beam, it is rather thick and brownish black.
The properties of the slag depend o the amount and type of the substances that make up the coating.

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